Robotics Expo, 2006
Planetarium Audio

I sponsor a group that explores the “transferability” of surround
sound material from one planetarium to another, so that 1)
audiences have similar experiences, and 2) audio engineers can
easily create this experience.  This discussion will take into
consideration acoustics, delivery methods, loudspeaker setups,
seating arrangements, source recording, and mixing to visual

The Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature and
Science is working in collaboration with the Recording Arts program
at the University of Colorado at Denver in order to explore the
potential of current technology, and to discover what similarities and
differences exist between planetariums in order to achieve this goal
of transferability.   Resources exist on dome acoustics, spatial audio
techniques, and B-format recording, but none are specifically aimed
at exhibition in planetariums.  We hope to provide the planetarium
community with models for workflow and setup that will inform
existing and planned audio infrastructures for dome environments.
Gates Planetarium audio diagrams PDF