Welcome to my home page. This is the place to find out about my
interests and work. If you choose to explore this site you will find articles,
diagrams, photos and artwork. As an Experience Designer my interests
include all facets of the audience experience. I believe that everything
matters in the creation of public art. The environment of each experience
creates a particular state of mind, and when carefully designed, this
context guides each viewer, and conveys as great a message as the
content itself.

With an emphasis on technology, I utilize many tools in my work, from
supercomputer graphics, to 3d sound and automated lighting. Artlight
Design Inc., owned and managed by my wife Jill and myself since 1982,
has provided public and performance artworks across the country. Each
installation is preserved on film and this collection of images of Artlight
installations has also been shown in galleries.

I have built a career creating audience experiences, and continue to do
so as Operations Manager of one of the finest immersive theaters in the
world, the Gates Planetarium. I am also co founder of IMERSA Inc. a
collaborative of visionary pioneers, charting a course for the future of
domed theaters and the immersive experience. Articles and links here
(www.IMERSA.org) and on thisy page, document our work in more detail.
Thanks for stopping by my site and enjoy this experience.

Daniel P. Neafus